Aktualisierung: 15. September 2005

La Scatola degli Aghi

La Scatola degli Aghi

Leonard Muzii, recorder
Shizuko Noiri, archlute
Detmar Leertouwer, cello
Andrea Marchiol, harpsichord

In 1994 the ensemble won a prize at "van Wassenaer" International Early Music Competition.

Since then, it has appeared in prestigious chamber music festivals in Europe as well as in several radio programmes.

In autumn 1996 "La Scatola" made its debut in Japan with a concert tour and a CD release.

The name of the ensemble, "the needle box", is freely inspired by the text of an Italian song whose theme was used by several 17th century composers such as Salomone Rossi, Marco Uccellini, Giovanni Battista Bounamente in instrumental works. The opening of the verse is quoted here:

Tu m'hai rotto
la sacatola da li aghi
ch'a voi tu me la paghi
se la ragion vorrà...

Concert Programmes:

The "Lucchese" School
Music by composers native of Lucca such as Geminiani, Barsanti, Gasparini etc.

Italian Cantatas
Vocal and instrumental works by Vivaldi, Porpora, Scarlatti and others.

"Concerti per Flauto"
Sinfonie e concerti by Vivaldi, Fiorenza and others with strings and continuo