Aktualisierung: 15. September 2005

Victor Varela

Víctor Varela

Die beiden bekanntesten Stücke für Blockflöte von Victor Varela sind miró-epsilon und oriente. Hier die Kurzbeschreibungen zu beiden aus der Feder des Komponisten.

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Oriente (1991) 
for Alt-recorder solo
Duration: 8-min. ca 

Note to the program:
Two different materials are used to imbricate the general piece’s process.

By one hand, 5 gestures about repetitions on a pentaphonic scale with a development in spiral, by the other hand, a Venezuelan folk song that springs gradually till it becomes an organic quotation.

The “golden section” proportion has been used to control the different sections of the spiral, and the connection between the 2 basic materials.

Oriete was written in Amsterdam in 1991, and it was dedicated to the Catalan flutist Joan Izquierdo. The work has been performed in different festivals and events in USA, Spain, Holland, Mexico and Venezuela.

Víctor Varela

miró-epsilon (1996-97)
or Alt-recorder and Marimba
4 wood-blocks
Duration: 12-min. ca

Note to the program:

Colour and form in the paintings by Joan Miró were permanent references in the process to compose this work. This is expressed by the constant use of "timbre-variations" in the recorder and an asymmetric-circular structure.Once Miró said to Camilo José Cela: "a painting never ends, it never begins either, a painting is like the wind: something which goes always without rest..&"

The Catalan duo Izquierdo/Subirà commissioned miró-epsilon, and it was premiered at The International Music Festival of Torroella de Montgrí, Spain in 1997. The piece has been performed at different events such as the Blockflute & Electronics Festival De Ijsbreker-Amsterdam in 1998, and the Georg-Kolbe-Museum Serie, Berlin in 1999.
The work is dedicated to the memory of Carlos Enrique Fuentes.

Víctor Varela